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  • Auto parts market
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  • Auto radiator repair service
  • Auto repair shop
  • Auto restoration service
  • Auto tag agency
  • Auto tune up service
  • Auto wrecker
  • Automobile storage facility
  • Bicycle Shop
  • Boat dealer
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  • Bottle & can redemption center
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  • LKQ Pick Your Part
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LKQ was created in 1998 as a result of the combination of several wholesale operations of recycled products located in Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Then they expanded their business through internal development and more than 220 acquisitions of suppliers and manufacturers of after-market, recycled, reconditioned and rebuilt products; self-service retail businesses; and the suppliers of accessories and special vehicle equipment in the aftermarket. Their most important acquisitions include:

• Acquisition in 2007 of Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc., which at the time of acquisition was the leading national distributor of aftermarket products, including collision replacement products, paint products, automotive Remanufactured steel bumpers, bumper covers, catalytic converters, and alloy wheels.

• Acquisition in 2011 of Euro Car Parts Holdings Limited (“ECP”), a distributor of motor vehicle parts operating in the United Kingdom. This acquisition has allowed them to expand in the European aftermarket.

• Acquisition in 2013 of Sator Beheer BV (“Sator”), a motor vehicle parts distribution company based in the Netherlands and active in the Netherlands, Belgium and northern France. This acquisition has allowed them to expand their geographical presence in continental Europe.

• Acquisition in 2014 of Keystone Specialty, which expanded their product line and expanded their target market for specialized vehicle equipment and accessories in the aftermarket.

• On December 22, 2015, LKQ Corporation announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire the holding of Rhiag-Inter Auto Parts Italia.
• S.p.A (“Rhiag”), a leading pan-European distributor of spare parts companies for the passenger and commercial vehicle replacement market. Rhiag operates in Italy, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland and Spain. The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2016 and is subject to the usual closing conditions and necessary regulatory approvals.

LKQ Pick Your Part Self Service auto parts has locations in the following states:

North Carolina
South Carolina

Types of Car Computer Control Modules

Understanding the Complex World of Car Computer Control Modules

Explore the pivotal role of car computer control modules in modern vehicles, enhancing performance, safety, and comfort. From engine and transmission management to advanced driver assistance systems, these modules are key to seamless vehicle operation. Dive into details about modules like ECU, TCM, and BCM, and their influence on today's automotive technology.

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