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Introduction to Pull-A-Part and the Concept of Junkyards in Kentucky

Pull-A-Part, located at 6825 Recovery Road, Louisville, KY 40214, is a renowned name in the world of junkyards in Kentucky. It has been serving the community for years, providing an affordable and eco-friendly solution for car repairs. This article will delve into the history of Pull-A-Part, its services, and its impact on the local community.

“Pull-A-Part is not just a junkyard – it's a hub of opportunities for car owners to save money and for the environment to breathe a little easier.”

Key Takeaways

Aspect Details
Location 6825 Recovery Road, Louisville, KY 40214
Services Used auto parts sales, cash for cars, etc.
Type of Junkyard Self-service
Nearby Cities Jeffersonville, New Albany, Shively

The Journey of Pull-A-Part: From Inception to Now

Pull-A-Part started its journey with a vision to revolutionize the auto salvage industry. Over the years, it has grown into a trusted name among car owners looking for used auto parts or wanting to sell their junk cars.

The company's commitment to providing quality service and parts has earned it a loyal customer base. It has also contributed significantly to reducing environmental pollution by recycling auto parts.

Services Offered by Pull-A-Part

Pull-A-Part offers a wide range of services that cater to the diverse needs of car owners. Here's a brief overview:

  1. Used Auto Parts Sales: Pull-A-Part maintains an extensive inventory of used auto parts that customers can browse and purchase. These parts are significantly cheaper than new ones, helping customers save money on car repairs.
  2. Cash for Cars: Pull-A-Part buys junk cars from owners, offering them a hassle-free way to dispose of their old vehicles and earn some cash in the process.
  3. Self-service Junkyard: Unlike full-service junkyards, Pull-A-Part operates on a self-service model. Customers can visit the yard, find the parts they need, and remove them themselves.

Pull-A-Part at 5702 Monticello Rd, Columbia, SC 29203: A Case Study

Pull-A-Part's branch at 5702 Monticello Rd, Columbia, SC 29203 serves as an excellent case study of the company's commitment to customer service and environmental sustainability. This location offers the same range of services as the Louisville branch, including used auto parts sales and cash for cars.

Customers have praised the Columbia branch for its well-organized yard and helpful staff. The success stories from this location serve as a testament to Pull-A-Part's dedication to its customers.

Reaching Out: Nearby Cities and Towns Benefiting from Pull-A-Part

Pull-A-Part's influence extends beyond Louisville. Several nearby cities and towns also benefit from its services. Here are a few:

  1. Jeffersonville: Just across the Ohio River from Louisville, Jeffersonville residents often visit Pull-A-Part for their auto part needs.
  2. New Albany: Located to the west of Jeffersonville, New Albany is another city that benefits from Pull-A-Part's services.
  3. Shively: A suburb of Louisville, Shively is close enough for residents to take advantage of Pull-A-Part's extensive inventory and affordable prices.

Pull-A-Part's commitment to customer service and environmental sustainability has made it a popular choice among residents of these cities. Whether they're looking for a specific auto part or trying to dispose of an old vehicle, Pull-A-Part provides a convenient and cost-effective solution.

In conclusion, Pull-A-Part at 6825 Recovery Road, Louisville, KY 40214 is more than just a junkyard. It's a valuable resource for car owners and a significant contributor to environmental sustainability in Kentucky. Whether you're in Louisville or a neighboring city, consider visiting Pull-A-Part for your next auto part purchase or junk car disposal.

Pull-A-Part at 6825 Recovery Road, Louisville, KY 40214 is the perfect place for anyone looking for car parts, scrap metal, used auto parts, and more. We are a full service junkyard with an extensive selection of salvaged vehicles from all makes and models. Our experienced staff can help you find exactly what you need.

At Pull-A-Part, we take pride in offering quality merchandise at competitive prices. We have a wide variety of used auto parts available including engines, transmissions, wheels, doors, dashboards, and more! We also provide services such as on-site towing and removal of unwanted or totaled vehicles. Once your vehicle arrives at our facility it is dismantled and sorted into categories so that you can easily find the part you need.

If you’re looking to sell usable scrap metal or have a bulk order of used auto parts that needs to be filled quickly, Pull-A-Part has got you covered! We accept all types of scrap materials including aluminum cans, steel beams and wire coils. Our salvage yard professionals will even come to your location to pick up larger items for free. At Pull-A-Part we are committed to providing superior customer service along with quality products and services that meet your needs.

Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have about our inventory or services. We take the time to understand your specific needs so that we can provide the best solution possible. Visit us today at 6825 Recovery Road in Louisville KY 40214 and let us help you find the car parts or scrap metal that you need!

Real customer testimonials

Jasen Gibson

Jasen Gibson

Rated this company 5/5

I love it here. After finding and extracting the parts i needed, i can't resist just wandering around looking for anything interesting, such as cars with premium audio packages to pilfer through. The prices are an amazing thing, assuming you have some ability to remove things on your own. I've saved untold thousands of dollars over the years, and upgraded every car I've owned in some way by finding compatible parts from more expensive cars. Every town needs a pullapart.

Sharon Stevens

Sharon Stevens

Rated this company 1/5

I was there to get a replacement battery for a used one bought from them about 2 weeks ago and even though the lady at checkup was nice and the 2.guys that was customers there helped me, I ended up with the guys taking the bad battery out and they had not one to replace it. The customer buys put it, the bad one, back in my van for me. I really appreciate their help, pull apart not. They thought nothing of the fact I couldn't get another battery. Of course their not the ones who wasted.gas money I didn't have to drive there and their not the ones driving home in early morning hours, that will probably or not make it home because the battery is drained dead from headlights! I hate having to live this way

Alice Coomer

Alice Coomer

Rated this company 1/5

Bought a battery at the Louisville location. The battery was defective and I returned the battery but they did not have anymore batteries and suggested I return on Monday or Tuesday. I decided to call on Wednesday morning. I found a number with a Louisville area code and called. After being on hold for 10 min. A gentleman answered and I ask him if they had any batteries. He said he assumed so. I explained he could very well assume wrong. Then he told me he was in Atlanta. I explained I would not have called except for the Louisville area code. He explained that phone calls to all locations are routed to Atlanta, he went on to say it had something to do with the pandemic. I ask for him to”hold the presses” because I knew of no other business not operating as normal. Waste of time!! Please do not lure me with a local number just to send me to some know nothing corporate employee.

Angelina Marina Kowalski

Angelina Marina Kowalski

Rated this company 3/5

It's so boring and huge. And if the people checking you in go through your bag and don't notice an item in your bag and on the way out they check your bag again and now they've noticed the item and they take it from you even though it doesn't belong to them and you've done paid for it and had it for quite a while no matter what your argument is they're going to take it. That's a problem for me as minor as it was being that it was only a toggle switch it is not my fault that you missed that on my way in being that we work in mechanics I'm about to have anything on me. Those kind of experiences are the kind that ruined the whole business for me.

Travis & Mikki Colvin

Travis & Mikki Colvin

Rated this company 1/5

If I could give this place zero Stars I would absolutely was profiled today I saw three or four people walk out without their bags being checked. As soon as I get up there I get stopped by a guy. Now they check your bags before they go into the junkyard and I normally Mark all the parts well they Mark probably six or seven parts. The lady missed a trailer wiring harness that I bought from a local junkyard called betzler's. So the guy basically was insisting that I was trying to steal it. That definitely was not the case I always have car parts in my bag because I am always working on cars and I'm always at the junkyard I have no reason to steal I work hard for what I have I truly believe in why steal something that you can work for you take more pride in that. Anyway the guy basically told me if I wanted my car parts that I already purchased from a different shop that I would have to rebuy them. His words were well you've got three choices you can either buy them put them back or go to jail. They wanted over $20 for something that was mine already because they overlook them. So I had to put them back even though they were already mine. I will not be going back to this place. I feel like I was completely profiled. The lady that checked my bag in the beginning was gone by the time that I came out through the checkout line so she could not backup what I was saying. I'm just very disappointed in humans. Come on pull apart you need to hire better people with more social skills. I definitely will be spreading the word not to go back to this place and I work in the automotive industry and I promise you after I spread the word you will lose business because I know plenty of yards out here that are priced a lot better and will work with you. This place is just overpriced and rude.

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