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Table of Contents

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Houston Auto Recyclers Self Service Junkyard In Houston Texas

Houston Auto Recyclers was established in 2006. We are located at 2425 Houston West Mount Houston, Texas 77038. We provide parts and services for the North Houston Metropolitan Area, as well as for the rest of Harris County and all surrounding counties. We recycle vehicles that have met then end of their life. Houston Auto Recyclers buys junked vehicles, wrecked, damaged and unwanted vehicles, which include a wide variety of domestic and foreign cars, vans, vans and SUVs to recycle. This allows us to provide OEM (OEM) parts at unbelievable prices that allow you to save up to 90% on retail prices.


houston auto recyclers Junkyard -salvage yard inventory
houston auto recyclers Junkyard -salvage yard inventory
houston auto recyclers Junkyard -salvage yard inventory

Houston Auto Recyclers: Your Ultimate Texas Junkyard with an Extensive Inventory

This blog post is all about the Houston Auto Recyclers, a leading automobile recycling service located in Texas. You'll find why their exhaustive inventory and exceptional service make them the first choice for auto parts in Houston, as well as key information on how to contact them. Delve into this read to find all the information you need about this top-of-the-line auto recycling service.

Article Outline

  1. What are the Operating Hours of Houston Auto Recyclers?
  2. Do They Have a Photographic Inventory?
  3. What are the Prices for Auto Parts?
  4. How Does Houston Auto Recyclers Recycle Vehicles?
  5. Do They Sell Truck Parts as Well?
  6. How Can I Review Their Business?
  7. What Happens to the Scrap Metal?
  8. When Does Houston Auto Recyclers Close?
  9. How to Contact Houston Auto Recyclers?
  10. What Materials Can You Sell to Houston Auto Recyclers?

What are the Operating Hours of Houston Auto Recyclers?

Located at 2425 W Mount Houston Rd, TX, Houston Auto Recyclers are open for business for a convenient span of hours. They are fully available throughout the week, so anyone in the city or surrounding towns can find the time to arrive and explore their vast lot.

Do They Have a Photographic Inventory?

Absolutely! Houston Auto Recyclers pride themselves on having a huge inventory of auto parts, both primary and secondary. You can visit their website or contact them via phone for any specific part inquiries. They also offer detailed photos of the available parts, providing potential buyers with a clear view before making any decision.

What are the Prices for Auto Parts?

If you are looking for cost-effective auto parts, then Houston Auto Recyclers is your go-to place. The prices are not only affordable, but they are often the lowest in town. You can even get an online quote for your junk car, helping you make a lot of money from your old vehicle.

How Does Houston Auto Recyclers Recycle Vehicles?

Recycling vehicles is a significant aspect of Houston Auto Recyclers' business. They efficiently process each automobile that enters their lot, ensuring that each piece is either resold as a spare part or turned into scrap metal. They do it all while adhering to stringent environmental guidelines.

Do They Sell Truck Parts as Well?

Yes, they do. Apart from regular auto parts, Houston Auto Recyclers also stock parts for trucks. Whether you are looking for something specific or just exploring options, their extensive inventory is sure to satisfy your needs.

How Can I Review Their Business?

Reviews are always welcomed by Houston Auto Recyclers. Happy customers can leave reviews online, providing valuable feedback for the business. A quick look at their reviews will tell you just why they are one of the leading auto recyclers in Houston.

What Happens to the Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal is an important byproduct of the auto salvage process. At Houston Auto Recyclers, scrap metal is efficiently managed and responsibly disposed of or reused in line with environmental regulations.

When Does Houston Auto Recyclers Close?

Closing hours for Houston Auto Recyclers can vary. Therefore, it's best to check their operating hours online or make a quick phone call to confirm. This way, you can ensure that you don't arrive after the gates close for the day.

How to Contact Houston Auto Recyclers?

The best way to contact Houston Auto Recyclers is through their website or phone. Feel free to ask any question related to their services or inventory, and they would be happy to assist you. For visual information, you can also check their YouTube channel where they regularly post videos of their services and inventory.

What Materials Can You Sell to Houston Auto Recyclers?

Almost anything from your vehicle can be sold to Houston Auto Recyclers. From major components like engines and transmissions to smaller parts such as mirrors and lights, if it's from a vehicle, they are likely interested. It's an easy way to turn your unused or old vehicle parts into cash.

Houston Auto Recyclers believes in helping our Community. We help local charities and non-profit organizations by paying them for the vehicles people donated to them. We help fund charities including: Purple Heart, Heritage for the Blind. We strive to create a safe and friendly environmentally for future generation by working with out local communities with the removal of abandoned vehicles to keep our streets and neighborhood cleaner.


If you prefer, you can utilize our full service center, nationwide network. You can specify the part you are looking for we can have it ready for you, or we can ship it straight to you. Our Full Service Dept. has a large selection of later model cars and trucks, and offers a 90 Days warranty on our pre-tested engines and transmissions. We have friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to help you.

Not every salvage yard will give me a 90 day warranty on used auto parts near me, another scrap yard near me will only offer 15-30 days warranty

Please call 281-448-3000 for more information.


Houston Auto Recyclers has a retail store where you can locate and pull your own parts from our gigantic selection of used cars and trucks inventory.

Pull Your Own Part and Save Up To 90% on Car Repairs!

Our yard is well organized and we provide computerized car and truck part interchange information and vehicle row location, for the fast location of your part. We add more vehicles daily to offer you wider selection. We have thousands of cars in stock every day for all your part needs.

Auto parts prices are better than other salvage yards near me, I called another junk yard near me and there was no comparison on prices.

One $3 Entry Fee to both

Early and Late Year Models Sections.

Houston Auto Recyclers is a customer first company:

  • We provide 30-days warranty on most parts at no added charge. (ALL INCLUSIVE WARRANTY)
  • We provide Wheel barrow free of charge, competition will charge you for it.
  • If you only choose to buy only the tire, our friendly staff will remove the rim for you at no charge to the customer, “our competitors will charge you a fee for this service.
  • Houston Auto Recyclers, values our customers and want you to have a very pleasant visit, we provide a courtesy van service to transport our valued customers to distant parts of our self-service Yard.
  • You also have the opportunity to save 50% off our already low prices during our HALF PRICE SALE, which we usually hold during these holidays (New Year, Memorial Day, 4TH of July, Labor Day, & Thanksgiving)
  • No other junkyard near me has the inventory that Houston Auto Recyclers does.



  • Houston Auto Recyclers are located at 2425 W Mount Houston Rd, TX, United States.
  • Their operating hours are extensive and customer-friendly.
  • They maintain a comprehensive photographic inventory of auto parts.
  • Their prices are competitive, often offering the lowest rates for auto parts.
  • Not only cars but they also deal with truck parts.
  • Customers are encouraged to leave reviews.
  • Scrap metal from the auto recycling process is efficiently managed.
  • It's easy to contact them via their website, phone, or even their YouTube channel.
  • You can sell almost any vehicle part to Houston Auto Recyclers and get a good price.

Houston Auto Recyclers is a pioneer saving the environment in the Houston region. We recycle the entire vehicle. All the parts that have been removed from the vehicles are sold at our retail store, and the leftover parts including fluids and plastics, are recycled for the manufacture of new products, reducing in the amount of primary materials and energy needed to make new products.


houston auto recyclers Junkyard -salvage yard
houston auto recyclers Junkyard -salvage yard


Winter Hours

Summer Hours

Monday - Friday 8am-5:30pm
Gate Entrance Close at 5:00pm
Saturday - Sunday 8am-5pm
Gate Entrance Close at 4:30pm
Monday - Friday 8am-6pm
Gate Entrance Close at 5:30pm
Saturday - Sunday 8am-5pm
Gate Entrance Close at 4:30pm

HOUSTON AUTO RECYCLERS · 2425 West Mt. Houston Rd. · Houston, Texas 77038


  • Get an Instant Offer and sell your car fast, it only takes minutes to get an accurate offer.
  • Guaranteed Offer what you are offered is the amount you will be paid, no decreasing on the value of your vehicle.
  • Cash for cars will be paid at the moment we pick up the vehicle, you get paid on the spot!